The following videos are ones that I have found are very helpful to the beginning Web designer. The first video explains the importance of HTML and the second video is a tutorial on how to create slices for a Web page using Adobe Photoshop. These slices determine buttons and content locations that can then be altered when opened in Dreamweaver where you can type directly into the designated areas. I hope you enjoy and find these videos as informative as I did.  


    Author - Jenn Albertson

    I am serious Web design student who loves working with Photoshop, HTML, and CSS. I also understand that it is a constant learning process and that it is difficult to break into the field. My advice, utilize free template sites and make Web sites for everything. This will at least showcase your capabilities and show what you can do. 
    Want to learn more? Then read on, my friend.


    July 2013


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