I am a serious Web design student, that's right, I said student. That is the first thing that must be understood if your career field involves computers: there is always something more to learn. Always. Whether it be a new technology or a newly discovered purpose for a HTML tag, there is always something more to learn. 

So, if you do not think that you can handle life long educational journey in computers, DO NOT go into anything that has to do with computers. Think about it, how many new computer models come out every year? From the high end to the low end, to the smaller models to the TV sized models that are now emerging, the number is positively staggering. Now think about all of the new technologies, applications, apps, social networking sites, etc. that come out every year?

I mean, wow! I'm not trying to scare, only prepare you for the realities of the IT field's ever changing environment. If you do not feel that you can handle these things, stay away from computers!

Moving on, Web designers are often required to be the catch-all IT staff on the payroll. This means you will often times be expected to be proficient in  networking, operating system ( OS ) maintenance, software, hardware, in addition to providing technical support. Most companies do not even realize the very differences between these various job titles. 

This means that we have to be prepared and have an expansive knowledge base in these areas, even though they are not technically part of our job description. My advice? Simply accept this from the beginning and do what needs to be done to stay at the top of your game. 

Now, if I have not managed to completely scare you off from a life-long educational journey of knowledge and application, please read on and enjoy my blog. 

- Jenn

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    Author - Jenn Albertson

    I am serious Web design student who loves working with Photoshop, HTML, and CSS. I also understand that it is a constant learning process and that it is difficult to break into the field. My advice, utilize free template sites and make Web sites for everything. This will at least showcase your capabilities and show what you can do. 
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